Take the help

We all do it.  When a friend is sick or has sick kids or a crazy long to do list, we say, “Let me know if you need anything” or “Let me know if I can help.”  We mean it and we’d be ready to come to their rescue at any moment.  And if we all say it, that means we all hear it too.  When life is tough, someone tells us just to let them know how to help.  But if you’re anything like me, you just tell them thanks and never ask.

Well, I had a super graceful moment at the beginning of last month and really screwed up my ankle while stepping down off a step. (I’m still mad there’s not a more fun story to go along with this injury!) This was in early October, which may be my busiest month of the year.  All I could think as I lay in my bathroom floor trying not to cry or throw up was, how on earth am I going to do everything now?! So many events and projects were depending on me to be completed and completed really well. I wanted to cry more because of that than the pain.

Fast forward past the xrays and doctors visits and I spent two week on a knee scooter (those are a little crazy in a house with three little boys) and I’m on my third week in a walking boot.  All of this to say, I had to take the help.  When a friend said, “Let me pick up kids,”  I didn’t say no.  When people came to help with events, I didn’t turn them down.  I normally would, but not this time.  And to my surprise, I didn’t feel guilty for taking the help.  I actually felt good that it was there.

This all got me thinking, how many times does God tell us that he’s here to help? Countless scriptures tell us that God is always there, willing to take our burdens, and give us rest.  But do we take it?  I’m always asking for it, in an under-my-breath “God, help me” kinda way, but do I even see it when it comes around?  Do I take God’s help and let him ease my troubles? Or do I read the promise of help and just nod thinking “Ok, thanks” with no real plans of accepting it. Probably more often than I should.

So when life is a little too much, take the help.  Take it from friends that offer their love and support.  Most of all, learn to take it from God.  Despite what you may think, it will be a good thing.