Be bright

Things are crazy these days, y’all. It seems like everyone has an opinion and feels like it need to be shared. This can be difficult, because, inevitably, everyone’s opinion is going to offend someone. And then that someone has an opinion, and so it goes…

Like all the everyones, I feel a certain way about events and the state of the world. However, I’m trying to listen more than speak. And this is what I hear.

Jesus told us to be the light in the world, not just another opinion. Lights shine. They illuminate. They make things clear.

And I believe Jesus told us how to turn this light on. He told us to love Him and love others. He didn’t tell us to agree with them. He didn’t tell us to offend them. He didn’t tell us change their world view on every little matter. He told us to love them. See, He knew that telling and offending and convincing them would not always go well. He knew that wouldn’t bring them to Him. But loving them, that will.

And Jesus said to love everyone. Not everyone that looks like us, or thinks like us, or makes us comfortable. He said everyone. He wants everyone to find Him. All the everyones.

When you look at the command, and see it and all its simplicity, the path is simple. We are to be bright.


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