Say thank you

I have a very busy few months, no, make that year.  It’s been full of changes and pretty good things.  I’m not always the best at handling either of those, but I’m learning.

First, I was presented the opportunity for a new job.  A job that would not only change my routine and my normal, but also my whole family’s life. I have more responsibility now, and more things to do, but I also have the most amazing job.  It’s one of those – I have never felt like I was where God wanted me to be more than I do right now- things.  It’s wonderful.

Second, my family has moved into a new home.  We were five people living in no where near enough square feet.  Now we have room to breath.  It’s a blessing for sure.

In both of these big life changing events, I found myself with lots of different thoughts. Most of them were fueled by anxiety and self-doubt – “What is I screw this up?”  “I am not qualified for this at all!”  “I’m going to let them down.”  And then, “This deal will fall through at the last minute.” ” Something must be wrong with this house.” “We don’t deserve something this nice.” I would pray continually for these things to not be true, for everything to work out. I have been working on giving God my worries, and, boy, did I give him plenty!

I’ve realized over the past few weeks that I forgot something.  I forgot to say thank you.  I was generous with the worry and anxiety of everything, but withholding of my gratitude during one of the most abundant few months in the past years.  In all of my human need for reassurance in the face of blessings, I did not stop and thank God for anything.  I did not ask for my new blessings to be used for his glory.  Although I wasn’t, I acted like I was very ungrateful.  I’m working on that.

So, be thankful.  Say thank you and mean it.  Don’t let the worry of good things cloud the good things.  When God hands you a great big glass of fresh lemonade, don’t ask about the lemons.  Say thank you.


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