Be you.

Today is a special day, and not just because it’s Groundhog Day. That’s not really as special as the fact that this is my Mama Libby’s Birthday. She was my great grandmother and would have been 98 today.

I can’t even remember all the stories I’ve been told by and about this wonderful lady.  She loved to travel, sometimes not even sure of her destination. She went where the wind blew and had a good time, wherever that was. She would leave a note written on a wooden block to let visitors know she was gone and they’d have to try back another day.  She was always smiling, no matter if life was good or not. I didn’t know her as a younger woman, but as far as I can remember she was happy. She made everyone laugh by asking for practical gifts, like toilet paper, for Christmas. She didn’t need all the extras. She collected postcards from all her travels, and all her many children, grands, and great-grands. She made some of the most beautiful quilts out of what looked like useless fabric. To sum it up, she was good at life.

I’m so happy 2 of my boys, her great-great- grands got to meet her. I’m also happy that I had her influence in my life. I want to work hard to keep her memory alive, but not by trying to be like her, or do what she did. I want to honor her legacy by being me. She was unapologetically original, and I will always believe that’s what made her so happy.

So, in honor of today’s holiday, be happy. Be you.


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