We all make mistakes as parents, and if you’re like me, we all give ourselves a really hard time about it. I can make myself feel so bad about the smallest thing. The truth is usually that my kids didn’t even notice, but I did and I’m in big trouble with me.
As I said before, we all need to work on leading by example in giving ourselves a little grace. everyday. But this job of parenting is a big deal, right? It’s really something that we can’t mess up. We have to do everything we can to be as perfect as we can, right? God trusted us to raise these small humans and it’s a huge responsibility.
I had a new thought about this during Sunday School this week. We were talking about when Jesus was lost as a child and his parents found him at the temple. The story always focuses on Jesus going to learn and talk about God, even as a child. That’s what the kids were all talking about Sunday morning, but I started having a different thought.
What about Mary? Y’all, she lost Jesus. She had to have been in complete panic. And I bet she had some major mom-guilt. God didn’t just trust her with a small human, he trusted her with human Jesus. And she lost him! I’m sure she was questioning Him quite a lot while she was searching. She was pretty sure God picked the wrong person for this job.
I’ve had that thought before too. “God, you picked the wrong person for this. I’m gonna need to bow out.” But He didn’t. He didn’t pick the wrong mother for human Jesus and He didn’t pick the wrong parent for your baby either. Your mistakes are not anything He can’t handle.
Give yourself a little grace and continue to do your best. everyday.


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