Feed them.

This last week has been approximately 932 days long and so exhausting and on top of that it was Daylight Saving day (which is an absolutely evil day to a parent and someone that adores sleep). Even though it’s the end of the weekend, I’m done. I’m talking possibly sleeping with my eyes open done. As I was trying to get my kids in bed, they asked to read the Bible story from Sunday school this morning. I half-heartedly agreed, because I knew they were stalling and knew I wouldn’t say no to reading the Bible, and asked which one. They said it was the story about Jesus feeding all the people.

If you need a refresher, a group of people found Jesus when He was trying to get some time alone. He healed them and taught them and then it was late. The disciples all said the people should leave because they didn’t have any food and the people were getting hungry (and I’m guessing a large group of hangry people didn’t look fun to the disciples). Jesus told the disciples to feed them, but they responded that they only had a little bread and fish. Jesus told them that was good and to feed them. The disciples did as they were told and had plenty, even leftovers. This was amazing because of how little they had and how many they were able to feed.

Well, tonight was the first night that this tired mama got it. As I sat with my boys, exhausted, I realized how many times this week alone I felt like I didn’t have enough. I didn’t have enough time. I didn’t have enough energy. I didn’t have enough enthusiasm. I didn’t have enough patience. But it turns out I did. Every time. Jesus needed me to feed them. All of them. And even though I felt like it just wasn’t going to be enough, I kept going and it was.

So when you’re done, really done, “can’t even” done, remember that you’re not. Jesus can take what little you have and make it more than enough to feed those that need it. And someone will.


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