So, it’s been a minute. We’ve all been surviving this crazy world and all its constant changes. Somehow in being so aware of the world changing, it’s made the changes to my own little world a little less noticeable. But boy, is it noticeable now. My oldest is finishing up his second week of middle school and I’ve been thinking a lot.

I would assume the normal reaction to a child growing up and making a big transition would be to be sad and a little nostalgic. (And don’t get me wrong, seeing him growing up while my Facebook memories are showing me that same boy starting preschool is bittersweet for sure!) But I’ve found myself looking at it a little differently. I’ve always heard about the “sweet spots” in parenting, and I’ve enjoyed a few along the way, but I think this spot we’re in right now is a pretty good one.

My oldest is right in the middle as far as school years go. We have 6 years behind us, and 6 more to go after this one. I love the rollercoasters that have a big slow climb, hover over that peak for just a few minutes and then head for the exhilarating drop. And that’s right where we are. We’ve climbed the little years, with toddler, preschool, and elementary phases. We’ve made it through learning basic human skills and all the difficulties there. – I know we have many, many difficulties ahead, I’m not naive – but we’re in a sweet spot for now. He wants to talk to me and share his ideas and experiences. He still asks me questions because I haven’t lost all intelligence yet in his opinion.

As I hover in this wonderful little space with him, I know the drop is coming. I know there will be twists and turns, bumps and parts that make my heart drop, but most of all, I’m keenly aware of the speed at which this next half will pass. As he gets older and stretches his skills and independence, the time will fly by. I will have to hold on and pay attention as best I can as it rushed by. But I will and I will enjoy the thrill of it all. For now, I’m holding on to this place we’re in. And I’m doing my best to prepare us both to what’s to come.


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