The story of the widow and her last coins has been told many times. It serves as an illustration for giving all you have, even if it’s not much, instead of giving a little from your abundance. The story is mostly used to encourage giving financially and show that God can use however little you may have to help others. I’ve recently started to see this story in a new light.

As a mom, I give until I feel like I have no more. But, I prefer to give from my abundance. I think this is the case for most people. I give from my ability to manage chores and keep my house moderately clean, even with 3 boys, a husband, and a dog. For some people that’s not so easy, but I’m capable in that respect. I give from my abundance of artistic ability. Some moms cringe at the thought of completing a Pinterest project, but not me. I’m motivated by the challenge and can usually accomplish it. I give from my adequate amount of cooking skills. I’m no chef, but I can make dinner and even a homemade cake every now and then.

You’d think, since God gave me three boys and all, that I had some amount of athletic ability. Nope. None. I shy away from playing sports with my kids because I’m pretty sure they’re all more capable than me, even at 5, 3, and 1. This is where I need to be more like the widow. Even a small amount of kicking around the soccer ball thrills my boys. They’re satisfied with my small amount of ability, if I give it to them.

I’m not outdoorsy. At all. I love a good scenic view, but not hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, none of it. I don’t like the heat, the bugs, or the dirt. (I’m itching, just thinking about it!) Did I mention I have three boys? I can’t give them a weekend adventure in the great outdoors, but they’re so happy when I take them on a nice walk in a new place. I give what little I have, and they appreciate it so much.

Super terrible mommy confession, but I am not good at sitting and playing with my kids for hours. The balls and cars and superheroes and block towers that always end up destroyed with someone crying- it all makes me insane. My boys don’t understand games yet and always get mad at the rules. Puzzle end up strewn across the room. It’s just all too much for my patience. But I can give them small little chunks of time. I can sit and play superheroes for about ten minutes, then “mommy needs to go rotate the laundry.” I can give them what little patience I have, and they appreciate it. They always remember what we played last and talk about how fun it was.

The widow’s perspective on giving is helping me to be a better mom. It’s helping me to see that, no matter how little I have, when given freely to my littles, it is received with joy and graditude. This may not always be the case, but for now, for them, my little bit is more than enough.


One thought on “Give

  1. Kayla, you are not alone in the playing part. Anne always wanted me to play board games with her. I would of course but as she knows, they are not my favorite thing to do. On the other hand, I was always ready to join in the active sports and games with the kids!


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