My Temple

Like many moms I know, I am not good at taking care of me. I can take care of as many other people as necessary, but not myself. I can monitor my kiddos nutrition, water intake, activity, screen time, and influences. Just not my own.

Although this may seem like an aspect of selflessness and an admirable quality. I’m slowly learning, it’s not. God tells me that my body is a temple. A church. A home for His spirit. And last I checked, God’s spirit doesn’t just lay around and nap all day. No. It gives, and loves, and teaches, and nurtures. It works hard. How am I to be a vessel, a home, for all these works if I’m run down and out of everything? How am I to do God’s work with no resources?

I’ve recently started putting more time and energy into taking care of me. I’m surprised each day to find that I can do more and accomplish things I couldn’t before. I’m encouraged by how much my family seems to notice the difference when I’m well fed and well rested, hydrated and energized. I’m more patient and understanding. I’m happier and less stressed. I’m finally seeing that taking care of me is not an act of selfishness, but an act of working harder to further God’s plan for me.

I hope, if you have as much trouble as I do taking care of yourself, that this will encourage you to try. I don’t succeed everyday, and neither will you. But if we’re do be a temple, we have to try to keep it up.


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