New year, new challenge

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. It’s a challenge for me as much as you!

We are a part of a culture that really likes to know a lot about self. We know the color of our aura, our Disney princess spirit, our personality types (on all the different scales), the positives and negatives of our astrological sign, and much much more. And we like to share it all. We want everyone else to know exactly who we are and how we think.

What if this year we kept the same mentality, but changed the subject? What if we searched and read, and took a great interest in finding out who God is? What if we scrolled through His word multiple times everyday, like our newsfeed. What if we made notes in the margins and highlighted parts we “liked”? What if we shared as much about our new knowledge of God as we do about ourselves?

Lets try it and see.


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