Be Lifted

My little has recently turned two. And he is very two. He gets upset easily, and when he does, he reaches his arms up for me. I’m not quite sure how picking him up fixes anything, but it’s what he wants.

This got me thinking. As an adult, it’s probably been years since we held our arms up for someone to lift us up. We’ve probably spent a few decades directly connected to the ground in some way. Just that concept feels heavy to me. Gravity is completely having its way with us.

There’s not much we can do about the physical connection to the ground, but what about emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually?

What if, instead of sinking into our problems, we held our arms up to God? What if we really let go of the situation and allowed our Heavenly Father to lift us away from our troubles? ¬†Instead of worrying and stressing and pouting and doing all the things that bring us down and keep us down, let’s go to scripture, music, and prayer. Let’s reach our arms up and be lifted. I bet it would feel much lighter.


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